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The Barnwood Guys

The Barnwood Guys

Howdy, we work with wood, old growth, wood that’s been kissed by the sun, caressed by the wind. This wood has been nurtured by Mother Nature for a 100+ years.

Barn wood is wonderful to look at, it can withstand daily life in any shape that it’s presented in. Be it a featured wall, flooring, beam ceiling, or the many different looks in furniture. Just check out our “FAMILY BENCH” tm.

The Barnwood Guys take great care in rescuing priceless wood and seeing it recycled and used. We take great pride and respect the environment & follow all environmentally ethical practices. We can dismantle and remove all reclaimed timbers of Canada’s heartlands including barns, buildings, garden sheds, or any structure. Our services include: cleaning the wood and prepping it for your DIY project. We also love to create one of a kind, thick furniture.

We can take any structure down, but what we love to do best in install the wood in your living space, this could be a small job such as a fireplace mental/barn doors/featured wall. Yet we are more than capable of transforming your space into a rustic/modern getaway. Just ask!

What can I tell ya, we loved working with the stuff.
email the Barnwood Guys Call us 416-821-7090 and find out what we can do for you, our client!.

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